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A Knowledgeable Harvest

Whitney Snow | Montana, United States

Clifftin "Bubz" Bullshoe prepares a buffalo hide during the 2nd annual Iinnii Days in Browning, MT. In the Blackfeet culture, elders have first say in the parts of the buffalo they want during the butchering. Earlier in the day a community elder expressed they wanted the hide, along with some meat and guts.

Launched by the Blackfoot Confederacy of Canada and Montana, the Iinnii Initiative was created to conserve culture and traditions, protect food soveriengty, preserve species, and maintain a sustainable climate through the re-introduction of iinnii on the Blackfeet Reservation, (iinnii means buffalo in Blackfeet). In Whitney's first solo photo exhibition and documented using a 55mm lens, A Knowledgable Harvest explores the 2nd Annual Iinnii Days, an event that celebrates the return of the Iinnii. Intended to be a knowledgable event that included open dialogue from environmentalists and traditionalists, preservation and climate change was the main focus of the discussion. The return of the iinnii to traditional Blackfeet homelands, would reduce the consumption of beef in the area, improve soil health, and improve biodiversity. Considered one of the most sacred and traditional animals for the Blackfeet, the reintroduction of the species also means the preservation of a group of people on the brink of their own extinction. 

Whitney's work strives to tell stories about the connection between the environment, and the indigenous communities working to preserve their natural resources.  

Whitney Snow

Email: whitney.snow07@gmail.com

Website: www.whitneysnowphotography.com

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