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Detailed Information for Reviewees

  • All published times are Eastern Time
  • To participate, you must access the reviews using Zoom via a laptop, desktop computer or a tablet. A phone would not be acceptable.
  • You will need reliable internet access.
  • Regardless of the number of reviews you register for, you must be available the entire day to accommodate the schedule of the reviewers. We will do our best to accommdate West Coast reviewees so that you will not need to be available during the earlier review sessions.
  • We will send your final schedule for the day of reviews by April 18. If you do not receive your schedule by this date, please email
  • To share your work with reviewers, you will need to create a free gallery on the SDN platform. Below is more detailed information about uploading and managing your gallery on the SDN website.
  • You may also use your own website to present your work, but it will not be eligible for the Reviewers Choice Award.
  • The SDN website will allow for video although you will need to create a standard exhibit first. You will need to use embed code either from Vimeo or YouTube or you can share video directly from your computer.
  • During the reviews, there will be public Zoom lounges where you can chat with other reviewees and discuss any technical issue with SDN staff. 

Reviewee training

If you missed the Review Training, you can watch the video here.


Click here » to register starting March 7.
Standard Registration: March 7 - April 11.
Late Registration: Until filled.
Priority Access Registration: If you signed up for priority registration, you will receive information to register on March 2. Priority Access will allow you to register earlier than the general public and your choices for reviewers will receive greater priority.


Submitting your gallery URLs

You will need to submit the URL of your galleries using this form no later than Sunday, April 15. We will share these links with the reviewers so that they have the option of looking at your work in advance. This will also make your galleries eligible for the Reviewers Choice Award (only available for galleries on the SDN platform). 

How to upload and manage your gallery on the SDN website

  • Please see this page for detailed information on uploading work to the SDN website. It is your decision as to how many images you upload, but 18-24 is a good number to consider.
  • You have the option of showing the same gallery to all reviewers or showing a different gallery to each reviewer. 
  • You can get the URL of your SDN gallery by searching here.
  • If you have questions or problems, please email us at We are here to help.
  • Keep in mind that all exhibits submitted to the SDN website should be completed documentary projects. If your work is not a completed project, you may prefer instead to present work from your own personal website or other image sharing platform.

If you are unable to create an SDN gallery or you want to show images using a different web platform, please submit a URL to any web gallery as instructed above. These submissions will not be eligible for the Reviewers Choice Award.

What to expect during the day of reviews

  • Please plan to login to each review five minutes before your scheduled time. You will enter a Zoom room with other reviewees until you enter the breakout room with your reviewer. 
  • Once you are in a breakout room, the reviewer will determine the pacing and structure of the review. They will have the URL to the gallery you provided and will bring it up on their computer. Then they will share their screen so that both of you can view the images at the same time during the review.
  • At reviewers discretion, they may request that you share your images from your computer.
  • While you can only submit one URL in advance per reviewer, you may show additional galleries from SDN or your own website that were not submitted earlier. In such case, you will need to share your screen with the reviewer since the reviewers will not have these images.
  • You may ask the reviewers if you can record the meeting using your phone or digital audio recorder and it is up to them if it is OK or not.   
  • Both you and the reviewer will see a time warning. At the end of the review, you will need to leave the review so that the next reviewee can enter.

Reviewers Choice Award

Projections of Reviewers Choice Award submissions and winners announced: 5:00–5:30 pm

All portfolios created on the SDN website platform are automatically entered to the Reviewers Choice Award and will be presented during projections immediately following the Reviews. A select panel of reviewers will choose the most accomplished projects. Two awardees will be selected and announced at the panel on Saturday beginning at 5:00 pm and their winning projects will be displayed online to the audience. Each award winner will receive $150 and featured on the SDN website. Only exhibits created on the SDN website platform will be eligible for the award.



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