Kafeel Ji in front of Jama Masjid with the book, the Family Foto Wala. He had collaborated with a photographer to paint the backdrops for the images that are a part of this book.

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Signs of Time: The Story of Delhi's Sign Painters

Supriya Bhandari | India

Amidst the modern digitally-designed sign boards that dominate the cityscape,
there are still glimpses of a vibrant, more personal art form: hand-painted signboards.
These boards, with their intricate designs, lively lettering, and vivid colours, were once the defining feature of Delhi's streets.

"Signs of Time" is my exploration into the lives of two remarkable individuals, Kafeel Ji and Shakeel Ji, who are among the few remaining hand sign painters in Delhi.
They are not just practitioners of an age-old craft but also husbands, fathers, family men, friends, and businessmen navigating a world that increasingly favours digital over manual.

This project is more than just a showcase of their talents in sign painting. It's a window into their lives, revealing the honesty, commitment, and love they pour into every stroke of their brush.
As the traditional art of hand-painted signs fades into the background of Delhi's evolving urban canvas, "Signs of Time" highlights the human stories behind these artworks.

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