SDN Salon

SDN Salon

SDN Salon

Thursday, October 20 , 2022
12:30 - 2:00 pm Eastern via Zoom

The SDN Salon is an informal networking opportunity for SDN members. Bring a cup of tea or coffee (or absinthe if you prefer), your work in progress or portfolio, ideas to discuss, or just yourself. This b-monthly Zoom meeting is an opportunity to share your work, view work of others, and to talk about any issues that are relevant to being a documentary photographer in 2022. 

SDN will be there to facilitate. It will be up to attendees to drive the discussion.

To present work, please use the registration link below. We will notify you in advance if you are selected to present work. Priority is given to order of registration. Work must be documentary—loosely defined. Up to five presenters will have 12-15 minutes to present and discuss their work.

Registration required to attend and to show work. Following registration, you will receive zoom link.

Click here to register

There are no more presenter slots available for October.