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Barbara Ayotte
Communications Director, Social Documentary Network
Editor, ZEKE Magazine

Barbara AyotteBarbara Ayotte is a communications and media strategist for leading nonprofit organizations and a writer, editor and life-long human rights advocate. She currently serves as the Director of Editorial Resources at GBH, the largest producer of public media content for PBS and partner to NPR and PRX. She was the Senior Director of Strategic Communications for Management Sciences for Health, an international non-profit development organization working on global health issues in over 30 countries. Prior to that, Barbara was Director of Communications for Physicians for Human Rights and served as Communications Coordinator for the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, a co-recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize. Barbara has a B.A. in English from Boston College.

Michelle Bogre
Book Review Editor, ZEKE Magazine

Michelle BogreMichelle Bogre, the former Chair of the Photography Department and now a Professor Emerita, Parsons School of Design, is a copyright lawyer, documentary photographer and author of  four books. Photography As Activism: Images for Social Change, Photography 4.0: A Teaching Guide for the 21st Century, Documentary Photography Reconsidered: Theory, History and Practice, and The Routledge Companion to Copyright and Creativity in the 21st Century. Her writing revolves around the intersections of memory and history and how the documentary photograph will function in the 21st century.  She regularly lectures about copyright and photography.

Marissa Fioruccui
SDN Reviews Manager

Marissa FiorucciMarissa Fiorucci is a freelance photographer in Boston, MA. She fell in love with photography while working in biotech. After courses at the New England School of Photography, she became the studio manager for portrait photographer, Mark Ostow, and worked on major projects including a series of portraits of the Obama Cabinet for Politico. In 2018, she completed a Magnum Intensive Documentary Photography Course at the London College of Communication. She specializes in corporate portraits and events, but remains passionate about documentary.

Caterina Clerici
Writer, ZEKE Magazine

Caterina ClericiCaterina Clerici is an Italian freelance journalist and producer based in New York. She was awarded three Innovation in Development Reporting Grants from the European Journalism Centre for her multimedia work in Haiti, Ghana and Rwanda, published in TIME, The Guardian, Al Jazeera English and Marie Claire, among others. She worked as a freelance photo editor and producer for VR at TIME, and as an executive video producer at Blink.la.


Glenn Ruga
Founder and Director, Social Documentary Network
Executive Editor, ZEKE Magazine

Glenn RugaGlenn Ruga is a photographer, graphic designer and curator. He founded the Social Documentary Network (SDN) in 2008 as a web platform for a global community of documentary photographers to present their work online. As a photographer, he has created traveling and online documentary exhibits on the struggle for a multicultural future in Bosnia, the war and aftermath in Kosovo, and on an immigrant community in Holyoke, Mass. 

In 2015, Ruga launched ZEKE: The Magazine of Global Documentary, a print and digital magazine presenting the best stories from the Social Documentary Network.

In 2012, Ruga was one of three curators of the New York Photo Festival where he curated three exhibitions including work by Bruce Davidson, Platon, and Eugene Richards, Reza, and Lori Grinker. 

From 2010-2013, Ruga was the Executive Director of the Photographic Resource Center (PRC) at Boston University. He curated numerous exhibitions while at the PRC including "Global Health in Focus" featuring work by Kristen Ashburn, Dominic Chavez, and David Rochkind. Ruga is also the former Publisher and Art Director of Loupe, the magazine of the PRC.

From 1993 through 2009, Ruga was the founder and president of the Center for Balkan Development, a non-profit organization established to help stop the genocide in Bosnia and create a just and sustainable future in the former Yugoslavia. 

Glenn has a B.A. in Social Theory from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and a MFA in Graphic and Advertising Design from Syracuse University. 


Kate Way
SDN Curriculum Coordinator

Kate WayKate Way is a veteran educator, photographer, and documentary filmmaker whose work is largely concerned with issues of public policy, education, and social and economic justice. She holds a doctorate in Language, Literacy, and Culture and a M.F.A. in Photography, and has taught and researched in schools and universities for the past twenty-five years.