Panorama of the San Cristoforo neighborhood, populated by around 18,000 residents, with four out of ten families living in poverty. The language barrier has been a hindrance, particularly for the youth who have been eager from the start to interact with the local peers.

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Dreams From the War

Giuseppe Scianna | Catania, Sicily, Italy

The majority of the Ukrainian population (around 7.7 million people, of which 40% are minors) fled to protect their children from the war. Thanks to humanitarian aid from Italy, about 15 Ukrainians from Rzeszow have been brought to Sicily, precisely to Catania. The war in Ukraine has deeply influenced the lives of Ukrainian women, both in traditional and political spheres. The traditional perception of war as a male affair has been challenged by many women worldwide, including Ukrainian women. Many women have faced the war and its consequences in various ways, demonstrating active engagement through forms of resistance and support, both within their communities and through local and international organizations. Numerous Ukrainian women have found themselves facing the harsh reality of raising their children alone due to the loss of their husbands or the destruction of family ties. Many of them have taken on new roles to compensate for the loss of family income, facing challenges associated with relocating to a new country, such as communication with the local population, integration, and access to medical care. These challenges can pose risks to the mental and physical health of children.

Through my artistic work, I aim to give voice to the deep and complex experiences of Ukrainian women during the period of conflict that has affected their country and their immigration towards a new one. My goal is to represent the strength, resilience, and determination of these women who, despite adverse circumstances, have continued to protect and support their families.In my project, I have focused on the stories of women who have faced the war in Ukraine, highlighting the unique challenges they have had to confront in ensuring the safety and well-being of their children. Through portraits, testimonies, and visual symbolism, I have sought to capture the complexity of their experiences, their courage in facing uncertainty, and their determination to build a better future for future generations.My work also explores the theme of transformation and adaptation, highlighting how many of these women have taken on new roles and responsibilities to compensate for the losses suffered during the conflict. I wanted to highlight their commitment to finding strength and hope even in the most difficult situations, demonstrating that human resilience can overcome any obstacle.Through my art, I hope to raise awareness among the public about the challenges faced by Ukrainian women during the war and to inspire greater solidarity and support for those who continue to strive for a better future for their families and communities.

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