SDN education

Welcome to SDN Education, an initiative of the Social Documentary Network offering classes taught by outstanding instructors for photographers and people interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in the field of documentary photography. In addition to studio classes on the theory and practice of creating documentary projects, we are now offering lecture classes in photo history, discussion groups, and more. 


Fall 2022 classes
Classes begin September 2022.
Classes conducted via Zoom video conferencing. 
Information on scholarships.


Developing a Personal Documentary Project

Instructor: Ed Kashi
1:00 – 3:30 pm Eastern via Zoom
Six Thursdays beginning October 6, 2022
     Class to meet every other week, although exact dates may be effected by Ed’s shooting schedule.
Ed to be availabile by email between sessions to review and discuss work
Course fee: $800
Prerequisite: Students must be intermediate to professional level

Photo by Ed KashiThe importance of creating your own projects is critical to your artistic and professional development. It is also what leads to the creation of your legacy work. This workshop is designed to help you clarify what you care about, learning how to commit to your project, clarifying your visual approach, and intended outcomes.

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The Art of Impactful Storytelling

Instructor: Salwan Georges
2:00 – 4:30 pm Eastern via Zoom
New state date: Eight Tuesdays beginning October 4, 2022
Classes will meet weekly but may skip a week subject to Salwan’s shooting schedule.
Course fee: $700
Prerequisite: Students must be at least intermediate level

One scholarship position reserved for Ukrainian photographer either working in Ukraine or forced to flee because of the war.

Photo by Salwan GeorgeIn this course, you will learn how to produce impactful stories by combining documentary and photojournalism work. You will be challenged to examine the art of cohesive storytelling and narrative, and to create a storyline rooted in personal connections and emotional content. The thrust of the workshop is to help students bring a unique personal voice to their work and a new way of seeing their images and the world of documentary and photojournalism.

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Art in Service of Real Life Stories
Learn from the 2022 World Press Photo of the Year winner how to recruit art to tell impactful visual stories—and change the world

Instructor: Amber Bracken
6:30 – 9:00 pm Eastern via Zoom
New start date: Eight Thursdays beginning  September 29, 2022
Prerequisite: At least intermediate experience with the use of digital camera equipment. 
Course fee: $700

Photo by Amber BrackenLearn from experienced and award-winning photojournalist Amber Bracken how to combine the formal elements of fine art and the real life experiences of your subjects to create powerful visual stories founded in the documentary tradition. By critically engaging with the who, what and how of your storytelling, you can push back against compassion fatigue, and ensure we are worthy stewards of people's stories as we tell them in ways they will be heard and understood.

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What's Going on Here? The Week in Photos
A Lecture and Discussion class

Instructor: Michelle Bogre
7:30 – 9:00 pm Eastern via Zoom
Eight Mondays beginning September 19
Course fee: $475

Photography by Glenn RugaEach week photojournalists and documentary photographers take tens of thousands of photographs of events erupting around the world. The images we see frame major social and cultural issues, but each week only a few of those images taken are featured in varied international media outlets, both print and online. This class will explore why we see what we see, what we learn from what we see, and more importantly, often, what we don’t see and why.

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