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Israel Before October 7: A Fifty Year Look

Dan Lenchner | Israel

Born before the creation of the State of Israel, I spent a part of my childhood there, attending High School and serving in the IDF during the mid Sixties. I left Israel  after the Six-Days War and  returned for visits over the next fifty odd years.  I photographed the country as it transitioned from a second tier military, economic, and technological country into a powerhouse.  Israel is today a major player on the world stage; it has the 12th highest number of Nobel Prizes per capita and the 5th highest number of billionaires per capita.  It nevertheless has experienced a seemingly never-ending series of wars, terrorist attacks, political assassinations, and internal upheavals.  As a returning native son, rather than a journalist, I have focused my camera on the small details of life in the country believing that while God may not be in those details, big truths might be.


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