A young monk at Namo Buddha Monastery.

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Namaste Nepal

Eric Chang | Nepal

   One of the things that I love most about the camera is its power to help explore and understand one’s world. I undertook this exploration during a visit to Nepal in January, 2024 to attend my childhood friend's daughter's wedding.

   I simply love Nepal, it's one of my favorite places. The people are friendly, they have interesting faces (there are more than 100 different ethnicities) and they adorn themselves and their world in vibrant colors. These are important qualities helpful for making nice images but my love goes beyond photography. I love how spirituality permeates daily life, especially the ubiquitous Hindu temples and Buddhist stupas. And when the clouds aren’t teasing you, I love seeing the mountains, particularly the tall, majestic, snow capped ones in the Himalayan range.

   Being one of the poorer countries in the world, I saw many things during my three week visit that left me wondering how some could have so much and others so little. Regardless, here is a sample of some photos that helped me better understand my world.

Eric Chang



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