Eric Chang United States


Eric Chang is an "enthusiastic amateur photographer" proudly from New York City, where he grew up in the 1970s. The city was a tough place then and he learned much during those troubled times, especially the value of common sense and how to get along with people different from him.  He currently lives in Washington, DC.

His interest in photography started in high school, while a student at The High School of Art and Design. But, it wasn't until a trip to Nepal many years later that his love for photography took off. Initially, he wanted to take photos of Mount Everest, but discovered that he enjoyed taking photos of the Nepalese people more. Many snaps later, he learned that his photography is primarily motivated by curiosity. He's most curious about people and their different beliefs/cultures. Through the lens, he seeks to understand the amazing variety but also learn the common quotient.

Besides photography, he is particularly interested in Buddhism, finding that many of its teachings resonate with him. The practices on mindfulness are particularly well-suited to trying to capture a moment with the camera.

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