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TUBABUS AND FATAFIUS ( Growing and living in Gambasse)

Rpnunyez . | Guinea-bissau

[ Sirene Sanha , 25, with her newborn son Ramoli ]

That night, rainier than usual, I could hardly sleep because of the unusual comings and goings of the villagers.
The next morning, while I was having breakfast, a man whose face radiated happiness asked me to accompany him.

When I arrived at his house I heard the news that the whole village already knew: Sirene had given birth to a baby boy who had been named after me. They just wanted me to see him and photograph him with his mother.

They belong to the proud Mandinka lineage. Every day they wake up to follow the script that destiny has assigned them: to survive famine, war or even early childhood, to play, to provide for themselves, to raise a family, to love, to protect their loved ones, to mourn their absence, to pray...

The project, which portraits the daily life of the remote village of Gambase,  Guinea Bissau, is not the product of a travel through West Africa, it is the result of many meetings in which both parties, them the "Fatafius" and us the "Tubabus", look each other in the eyes with mutual curiosity to ask ourselves the same eternal questions about the other, therefore about oneself and about the human condition.

Questions that were partly answered by the village chief the day I  managed to photograph him with his large family: I am Kandio, of the Mané family, mandinka, black.

We the mandinkas, the "fatafius", have a name and each name has a story.

You, the westerners, the "tubabus", have learned many important things, but you have forgotten many others.



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