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Graveyard for the Anonymous

Kamel Moussa | Tunisia


For years, the news is punctuated by tragic shipwrecks in the Mediterranean. This sea has become a cemetery, but an anonymous cemetery.


Chemseddine Marzoug, Tunisian fisherman, native of Zarzis (Tunisia) fights daily to ensure that the remains of the dead migrants at sea are buried with dignity. He also fights for the survivors - trapped mid-way between the attractiveness of a Western world - that they could not reach - and the misery of their home country - that they flee, find a roof and a decent life.

To offer a dignified burial to the migrant dead at sea: that is the mission he has given himself. With a shovel for only tool, Chamseddine has set a goal: to bury "deadly" the dead migrants off Tunisia trying to reach Europe.

The fisherman addresses the world asking for a suitable graveyard, which allows him to bury these migrants properly, with a small room for washing the bodies and a means of transporting them.

"I feel that their souls are not happy," he says.



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