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BLM: The Third Reconstruction

Brian B Price | Mid-Atlantic States, United States

NEW YORK, NEW YORK: KIARA MARSHALL, 28 of Brooklyn, New York marches during a Black Disabled Lives Matter protest in New York, on Saturday, October 24, 2020. Marshall lost her right leg at from a drunk driving car accident when she was ten years old. The demonstrators marched down Harlem streets to Marcus Garvey park and gave speeches on the life of disabled persons.

The content of this project reflects the expressions, thoughts and actions of a people, of a culture and of a folk are simply beautiful, peaceful, loving, kind, straight forward community that seek the pursuit of happiness and liberty.

Here these fotos express the frustrations of an oppressed community that are reacting to social injustices, economic apartheid, Jim Crow, OVER POLICING, lynching, inhumanity, during peaceful and confrontational protest.

After America witnessed the lynching of George Floyd and the killing of Breonna Taylor an awakening of a cross community both domestic and foreign rose for the calling for world peace and justice in response to their lynching.

This project documented in Black and White and color and mostly New York along with some actions in Jersey, Philly, Richmond, and DC.

Zuma Press and thefotodesk

Didn’t think the actions would go on than a few days. But here we are a year after the murder of George Floyd many actions and protests are still occurring.

The actions went on for hours and into the night and back again to the next day.

Most of my foto missions were focus on “The People’s March” or The No Name group. Their actions began with speeches relevant to the BLM movement, and reference to injustices to the past.

Both men and women spoke from newbies to those most experienced in protests.

Their marches “Paper-boyed” through out city. Only the organizers knew the end point. However, after letting them know of my knew replacement they sort of pointed me in the direction where I should go or end up.

The BLM actions in 2020 woke up the world to injustices not only in America but across the globe.

This movement has pushed the needle to voting awareness to swing the power the legislature to democratic favor, social and racial awareness, economic equality.

According to Color of Change and the Poor Peoples campaign there is still more work to be done in this country to see equality around the board….

Brian Branch Price



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