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Lou Jones | Africa

Ship builders/Boatwrights Gulf of Guinea, Ghana 2013

For the last several generations, media coverage of Africa has been both naïve and slanted. What western media deems newsworthy has largely been limited to pestilence, poverty, conflict, and wildlife. The real image is much more complex. Over one billion people go to work, raise and educate their children, preserve traditional rituals, cultivate their natural resources and innovate new technologies with little involvement with the sensationalistic events that attract attention from media outside the continent. panAFRICAproject means to be a compendium/almanac of photography to illustrate unbiased, day-to-day life by focusing on each individual culture. 

It is the panAFRICAproject’s contention that photography is the best method to illuminate examples of such diversity and bring them to the eyes of a global audience in the most engaging, balanced, and compelling way possible. Photography is not only the most efficient, comprehensive, and flexible means of documentation, but the most universal “language” with which to inspire people’s imagination.

Exceptional photography that delves into the aspects of each region, society, topography, indigenous people and local ethnography can clearly showcase"TheOther Africa”and provide better materials for research and teaching.

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