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Pandemic in Focus

Suffocation - Trapped or Oppressed

Nilanjan Ray | India

Suffocation - Trapped or Oppressed

Suffocation'- does it have only one meaning to it?! Is it only about the feeling of being trapped or oppressed? Well, there are different aspects of it.
The sudden announcement of a lockdown due to COVID-19 has provoked many pertinent questions in so many of us. Now that we are suddenly caged inside our four walls, we feel frustrated, perplexed and suffocated.This is all about an impact on one's mental well-being, not physically!

This is what our life has come to! There is an amount of anxiety and fear in one's mind that for the next few months we cannot step outside and this would be our life!!!

Home is a place where peace lies. But now home has turned into the silent suffocated four walls where we are trying to keep us sane.

Mental ailness or oppression cannot be fixed during this time - it can only be suppressed and ignored by continous engagement into daily activities. 

47C/1, Dharmatalla Road, Kasba

Kolkata - 700 042

West Bemgal, India

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