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Dire Silence: NYC in Pandemic

Woong-jae Shin | New York, United States

42nd St. subway station, New York. Apr. 25, 2020.

Silence, dead silence reigned all around the city of New York. Empty streets, closed stores, desolateness, and languish became the familiar atmosphere to New York. The Covid-19 pandemic changed and is changing the world forever. As of Sept. 16, 2020, over 29.9 million cases and 942,526 deaths have been reported globally. America lost the lives of 197,315 amid more than 6.6 million cases. More Americans have died during the pandemic than in 9/11(2,997) and Vietnam War(58,220). In the case of New York, the state of New York has 451,971 cases and 32,669 deaths. This work is the record of the beginning of the pandemic outbreak in New York in fear, despair, and a glimpse of hope and solidarity.

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