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Kat Sak

Vitor Queiroz | Cambodia

Organization: www.water-bear.co


Kat Sak is the Khmer expression for haircut. 

Having an haircut in Cambodia can be a singular experience each time. In the next alleyway, around the corner, in the shade of a tree, you can find these unique microcosmos everywhere. Encapsulated in this male orientated world, you will find religion, relationships, politics and a lot of the khmer culture from today and from the past. When travelling through the country, I came across this unique places and people, each one of them shared a story with me, we shared laughs, we shared looks, we shared my hair, we never spoke the same language, that was never a problem.


When creating, my roots are always with me.

Our personal experience shape who we are and reflect in everything we create.

I'm passionate for collaboration in all types of creative content, as long as they involve emotional experiences.

Volunteer Develpment Children's Association (V.D.C.A.)



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