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Passing Through

Simon Jankowski | Hong Kong

13th of November 2019 - Dagian Action (晨曦行動) during the siege at the Chinese University protests broke out throughout the city. In the evening protesters laid siege to Mong Kok police station in an attempt to draw resources away from the University. Hong Kongers are quick to adapt to life, a man seen here keeps his business open through protective gear. The nearby clashes did not seem to hinder business as protesters and passers-by alike still stopped the stall.

A photographer’s chronicle of the 2019-2020 Anti Extradition and Pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong from the unique angle of the ordinary citizens that pass by, get caught up in or wander through one of the most significant struggles Hong Kong has faced.

Simon Jankowski

Website: https://www.simonjphotography.com

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