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Rpnunyez . | Ethiopia

[ Key Afer Ethiopia . Market Day 2014 ]

Key Afer, red and dusty, is full of life on all four sides, even in the middle of the day, when the sun invites you to linger under the huge acacia trees.
From dawn, from the nearby settlements, they slowly approach the traditional meeting point. Today is market day in Key Afer.
The market is a social event that structures their life, it is a place of exchange, a meeting point, the ideal occasion to talk with acquaintances and relatives who live, perhaps, several days away.

Today is market day in Key Afer, Red Land in Amharic.

From dawn, Banna, Hamer, Tsmay and Ari will come from the surrounding area to exchange products of all kinds: fruit, vegetables, beads, firewood... and cattle, the fundamental wealth of these ethnic groups.

A few kilometres from there in the mountains of Yinya, Tifa Dabo, the chief of a Banna clan, is preparing for a special festival that will bring the whole clan together: the initiation rite of one of his sons.

From dawn, the young singles will spend the day laughing and joking, helped by litres and litres of fermented sorghum.

Meanwhile, one of the girls in the clan decorated with face paintings, searches diligently for a young man with a bundle of wicker; she has the privilege of choosing the wicker with which she wants to be whipped by a potential suitor and demonstrate how willing she is to bear the heavy burden that awaits her in order to raise a new family. Her scars on her back, often bleeding, testify to her bravery and submission to tradition.



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