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ABYSINIAN DIARIES I [ Ethiopia : A country between the past and the future ]

Rpnunyez . | Ethiopia

[ Bole Airport . Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2014 ]

Mountains of lush vegetation and volcanic depressions where life is barely possible, churches carved into the rock and legendary holy cities of Islam, Orthodox rites of millenary tradition and tribal ceremonies that have hardly changed since the Bronze Age.

This is how tourist brochures describe this extraordinary country.

A change of perspective can also show another reality:

And the reality is that today's Ethiopia is living a tense struggle between past and future, between poverty and wealth, between patriotic affirmation and economic neo-colonialism at the hands of large international companies.

Today in Ethiopia, buildings with the latest generation of glass envelopes are watched over, like huge distant islands, by children, young people and the elderly who survive between the daily life of misery and the strangeness of an unreachable new world.

But the human being always retains within himself an option for hope; here, what is extraordinary, what is exciting, is life itself, which wherever it appears - among gold or among filth - makes its way and floods us with dreams of a better future.



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