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Wadden Wardens

Polina Schneider | Germany

01 Knud Knudsen, Wadden Sea Mailman

Knud Knudsen, Wadden Sea mailman since 2001, who dreams of one day to travel the world on a merchant ship: „In the past, decision making was much quicker - Nowadays, coastal protection decisions are taking a long time - way too long.“

Pellworm Island, Germany 06.11.2021

Knud, Klaus, Matthias and Kjell, though completely different in age and profession, share one particular similarity: They were all born at the shore of the North Sea, in or around the biosphere reserve, that since 2009 is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage.
The residents of the Wadden Sea area live very close, in harmony with nature - but are also brutally dependent on it.
This conflict becomes particularly evident in the existence of Halligen. Halligen are small marsh islands that lie in the Wadden Sea and are regularly inundated by storm surges. While only ten of these islands still exist (formerly over 100), seven of them are inhabited nowadays. On the one hand, dwellers take active steps to protect themselves from high waters, on the other hand, they are dependent on the tides to actually flood the marsh islands. This way, sedimentary deposition can take place and the islands can grow or even move.

The effects of climate change in the Wadden Sea are closely linked to coastal protection, as flooding and coastal erosion pose a significant risk to human life and damage to the economy in the area.

With the photo essay I would like to show the multifarious perspectives and colors of the rare natural phenomenon of the Wadden Sea as well as to focus on the different people with their unique ways to interact with the area of interest. People, whose lives and future are coexistent with the biosphere and ultimately, the environmental protection of it.

Polina Schneider

E-Mail: polina.schneider@posteo.de

Website: www.polisnaps.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/polisnaps/


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