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Human suffering due to waterlogging

Md Sazzadul Alam | Bangladesh

This is Shamshur Nahar. She lives with her husband and two children in Dhaka. She is a housewife. Her husband is a mechanic. Their house is filled with water because of waterlogging. And they have been living in their house filled with water for the last 22 days.
July 2020, Dhaka

Currently, the dire situation of Covid-19 has already made public life miserable. There are health risks as well as financial complications in public life, yet people are trying to survive. In the last few days, heavy rains have caused flooding in the city. As a result, the livelihood of a section of the society has almost come to an end and houses have been submerged in water. The people have to survive in dirty polluted water. And this is also increasing health risks. Contaminated water from flooding is mixing with drinking water which is increasing the risk of various waterborne diseases. They also suffer from diarrhea, cholera, and various skin diseases. Children's health risks are the highest. It is seen that the children are bathing in this water without understanding the risk. It can be seen that the low-income people of society have been most affected by this flooding. The causes of this flooding are mainly unplanned urbanization, filling of reservoirs, dumping of garbage, free use of plastic and polythene, flooding of rivers, unplanned box culverts, etc.

The government should take steps to eliminate this waterlogging, monitor rainwater drainage, clean sewers, and drains, and prevent the illegal occupation of reservoirs. Strict measures have to be taken to dispose of garbage and make people aware. It has been seen that every time such a catastrophe occurs, the issue gets lost again once everything is solved. Are we even trying as hard as we can from our places?


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