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Mariette Pathy Allen | Cuba

Lady and Laura at the Las Vegas Club, Havana

The photographs in the “Cuba” portfolio on my website represent the four trips I took between 2012 and 2013 that resulted in the publication of “TransCuba” by Daylight books in 2014. Since the publication of my book, I have returned to Cuba three times, baring witness to tragedy in the lives of the three women who are featured in the book

The new series shows Amanda as her HIV develops into full-blown AIDS. She died a month after I took the last photographs of her. Malu has AIDS. She has undergone chemotherapy twice. In spite of this, Malu remains an extraordinary leader. Nomi is also HIV positive but is not sick.

At the recent transgender gathering I attended, I learned that there are over 3,000 transgender people in Cuba, and that well over 90% are HIV positive. One evening, we all wore white, to honor those who had died in 2015. There was Amanda, smiling on the screen.

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