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This is America // Portland 2020

Maranie Staab | Portland, Oregon, United States


Our democracy is under assault and the Nation is silent.

In Portland, Oregon the infringement of the Constitutional right of people to assemble and the obstruction of the Press occurs near nightly; these actions are executed by those who’ve sworn to “protect and serve” and amount to an erosion of the nation America purports itself to be.

Those gathered to protest are widely portrayed as criminal, depraved and as a simplistic, single entity; the truth is the antithesis—protests are an ecosystem of diverse individuals once strangers evolved into an inter-reliant community bound by shared convictions.

This is not about what people are protesting. This is about protesters right to protest.

This is about the militarization of law enforcement in a post-9/11 world.

This is about the exchange of liberty for supposed “security”.

And this is about the tax-payer funded abuse emblematic of democratic decay occurring throughout America.

Instagram: @maranierae
Twitter: @maranierae
e: maranie.rae@gmail.com

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