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Resistance. The Black Summer

Kay Hickman | New York, NY, United States

The Summer of 2020 was a year unlike any other. Unfortunately, the killing of Black men and women by police isn't anything new. However, the response to the killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor shifted American history. After being under lock down because of the Covid-19 pandemic people had the chance to get back in touch with their humanity. When the news got out about George Floyd’s public death the harsh and indisputable reality of how Black American’s were treated could no longer be ignored. A racial reckoning was prevalent; White and Black Americans took action and expressed their outrage through protests, allyship, and education, as large percentage of Americans educated themselves on the racial inequalities in this country.

I went out to photograph the first protest in NYC that I knew about. It was May 30, 2020 in Brooklyn at Prospect Park, Parkside. I rode my bike there out of concern of taking public transportation and being indoors with strangers. Covid-19 was a major concern at the time, but still my need to go out and document the protests was paramount.

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