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Brick Kiln Workers

Joy Saha | Bangladesh


Nearly one million people of brick fields work for 12-14 hours a day, six days a week, lacking basic human rights and access to social security. The living condition is not even up to the mark as workers have to live in makeshift huts during the brick manufacturing process. They lack proper hygiene and sanitation system. Apart from that, There is a high prevalence of employing child workers in the brick manufacturing process. These children lived in the brick fields and were mostly engaged in carrying raw bricks to the kilns. They earned 100 BDT only only after carrying 1,000 bricks. Child labor is rampant in brick kilns, considered one of the most unsafe and hazardous workplaces. Brick kilns, many of which use low-grade coal, emit toxic fumes containing large amounts of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and oxides of Sulphur which are extremely harmful to the eyes, lungs and throat. Moreover, long working hours under the scorching sun in the brickfields, massive accumulation of dust, the risk of falling from the trucks and piles of bricks, and carrying excessive loads pose serious health hazards for the workers.

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