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Proud for one second

Jan Janssen | Uganda

This family is headed by Nyiramuhirwe Jackline who lives with her 3 kids Monica, Emily and Rebbecca.
They don’t have faith in the future. Agriculture is the only foodsource they have, and they became discouraged continuing it because the crops don’t yield.
The mother sees them giving up on agriculture because she believes it is a waste of energy having gardens that don’t yield. She predicts famine to her family.

These photo's are about the Batwa Pygmies, It can be said that the Batwa still pay the price for the development of the country and the preservation of the mountain gorillas.

They are impoverished, thereby they have no or very limited acces to education and healthcare. They survive on handouts and begging.

The church and some non-governmental organisations helped by buying land for settling on, but despite of that, the Batwa people are still squatters and labourers without farmingland of their own. The church of Uganda had built 15 units of household facilities, the rest of the families builed their homes with reads and polythene papers.

But it shocked me to see these pygmies being abandoned while their government is making money on tourists visiting the mountain gorillas...

My heart is with the mountain gorillas, but it also broke when I met these people and the conditions were they have to live in.

These pictures are taken in front of their houses, where I asked them to stand and feel "proud for one second".

"As a true sentimentalist, I express my feelings trough my images. I get inspired by authentic cultures and the pure beauty of our Earth.

As an artist, I'm always searching for that one, perfect moment where everything comes together. Those moments tell my story.

Trough the years I developed my own, strong style. My images show passion, with space for your own story as a viewer."

Website:       https://www.janjanssenfotografie.nl/

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/janjanssenfotografie.nl/

Instagram:    janjanssenart


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