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Imari DuSauzay | New York, United States


What Makes "Community " 

People Policies and Practices ".

Individuals are wired to connect  with each other and somehow be a part of something bigger than their personal limited community. This became evident at each session of Saint James Joy a Block Party in the heart of Brooklyn's Clinton Hill where gentrification has rapidly reconstructed what was once a predominantly Black Community and has developedand adapted  into a new Brooklyn 
The community block party started with JOE of Saint James Joy , to celebrate essential workers and the  community to dance away the  constraints of  COVID 19 pandemic lockdown in NYC  which created unprecedented mass isolation  and by default magnified our need  for a meaningful manner to simply breath and be human and connect .

With each session the event grew larger,embracing all who came  to  share  their Joy and heal in collective dance , free from imposed constructs of social stress and all ISMS .
Communities traditionally have a cultural identity that creates separation  specific to that community  and practices.
#StJamesJoy Block Party celebrated Brooklyn's  community without seperations  Healing through  a collective of We The People"

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