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Ignorance and Oblivion

Farzana Akhtar | Dhaka, Bangladesh

Used hand gloves thrown on the street

As per the updates the environment is in a better shape after the spread of covid-19 and immobilizing of the society. But is really the environment on the advantageous side of this virus? To meet the increasing desperate demand for PPE single use plastic are being used by most of the factories for gloves, masks, gowns and tasting kit. These wastes are carelessly disposed everywhere by the ignorant people of the society. Not only the mass people but even the hospitals are not taking responsibility for the safe disposal of the wastes produced in the treatment of covid-19 patients. Due to this carelessness, the threat of this virus is increasing and also the environment is going through heavy pollution for the single use plastics are disposed regularly here and there. This problem must be addressed as soon as possible because the only compatible opponent of this virus is hygiene. Will the mass people continue to be ignorant at the expense of lives of themselves and their beloved ones or will they for once take up on the opportunity of saving humankind from the wrath of Mother Nature?

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