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IAG - Zona Sul, São Paulo, Brazil

Charles Martin | São Paulo, Brazil

To improve society and help youths in difficult conditions in São Paulo's Zona Sul, Instituto Anchieta Grajaú (IAG) provides meals, educational and cultural activities and health services. The urban grounds of the NGO Instituto include nursery, classrooms, library, tech facilities, dining hall and recreational areas. The Instituto engages social challenges, itself, as its spacious, kempt grounds historically, and occasionally anew, have weathered occupations by dispossessed people seeking space.

Youth from pre-school through high-school are nourished with skills for achieving a living and accomplishment. Founded in 1988, the Instituto lists its aims to awaken in children imagination, curiosity and critical outlook in order to develop ideas about the world, its diversity, and overcoming difficulties and limitations. Attention ranges from local life to awareness of global environmental protection.

IAG is a team of educators daily offering service, exchanges and reflection. Older kids work with the younger, and little kids fashion toys and playthings, themselves. Daily workshops include story-telling, writing and reading, art, drawing, music, theater, toys and games, capoeira, gymnastics and numerous team sports. Personal agency is celebrated and birthdays and play, as well!

Instituto Anchieta Grajaú

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