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Saipher Zureti | California, United States

Homeless woman on the corner of O'Ferrell & Powell street during lunch time as everyone seemed to move around her at a much faster pace.

INVISIBLE: The struggle for survival in one of the most expensive cities in America.

An ongoing social documentary photography series exposing the relationships between the homeless of the San Francisco Bay area and their environments as well as the people around them.

San Francisco has one of the highest percentages of homeless people in America. Most people would be shocked by the appearance of downtown San Francisco, but it doesn’t seem to have any negative effect on the cities profits from both tourists and residents. The wealthy and the poor are living among each other, but one of the two is hardly noticed. It was crazy to see this for the first time. I was shocked. Being from Chicago and having traveled around America I was no stranger to seeing homelessness but this was much different.

A normal walk through downtown San Francisco can be an eye opening experience. It’s rare that you’ll be able to walk one block without seeing a homeless person. Whether they’re camped out in a tent, sleeping on the sidewalk, sitting on the ground eating, overdosing, searching through the garbage cans for food, screaming jumbled inconceivable phrases or asking for change, they all have an undeniable need for assistance. Unfortunately, it seems that there’s an unspoken agreement on how to deal with the homeless; To ignore them. The majority of the tourist and residents are very skilled at ignoring the homeless even when they’re screaming in their faces. It’s almost as if the homeless are invisible to the wealthy. They all just continue on with their day unaffected by the terrible state of fellow human beings. This made me question the current state of humanity among the masses in America. Have we lost all humanity? While the privileged are content with pretending that they’re “Living the Dream”, the remaining homeless residents of the San Francisco Bay area struggle to find assistance while being invisible to those around them.

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