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The Jones Family

Liz Hingley | United Kingdom

The Tiger Curtain
The four girls cover the draft from their bedroom window with a tiger illustrated rug, given to them by their father.

For 3.9 million children across the UK, severe poverty is a fact of life. I began working with the Jones family - two parents and seven children- in order to mutually create a body of work, which speaks about the experience of deprivation within the context of a wealthy country.

The Jones family lives in a three-bedroom council house in the industrial city of Wolverhampton, UK. This is the first house that the family has lived in for three generations; the mother and father were brought up in caravans, as were their parents. The house holds many memories for the family, to the point that despite its extremely limited size they refuse to move into larger council accommodation.

Gary, the eldest son was the first in the family to ever go to University. After studying animation he set up his own business company from the bedroom. Michelle of 21 moved out when she met Alex in the local playground and fell in love. Di Bronchi Jones Bondele was born to Michelle Jones on the 11th of August 2012.

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