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Bedding Down in New York City

Linda Troeller | New York, United States

Organization: YEAR

Bedding down 01

I am the single daughter of a disabled WWII veteran who experienced environmental damage, an eviction threat from my Chelsea Hotel landlord, and a house fire. i understand how one can feel the shame of rejection and not being a productive member of society and a safe home, This is one of the deepest wounds of dysfunction that effects our homeless. Recently my photographs were reviewed in the Washington Post by Mark Jenkins, who wrote “Wherever Troeller takes her camera, it seems, she’s eyeing a sort of rapture.” These emotional, art-oriented documents have may project the power to urge viewers and govenments to improve shelters.. My photographs had this power with the TB-AIDS Diary to elicit emotional response that brought tangible change: it stopped the stamping of “HIV” in passports of Finnish citizens, for example. These photographs were made in my foot-path on the public sidewalks  as I went about my days living in New York. 

With my work on women and sexuality I photographed to give voice to taboo topics..Earlier, I photographed  on water at unique national and international healing sites to express the usefullness of this resource.   I explored stigma around the illnesses of TB and AIDS.  As my own sense of “place” was fractured during the last few years of extreme gentrification in New York, I focused more on installations and actions around the theme of the ‘community’ based on living twenty years at the Chelsea Hotel, a landmark of artist inhabitants. Thoughout my work, my art practive has put color, mood, atmosphere at the center of image creation, which has brought major publication, with these rich yet  sincere soul bearing style.

Linda Troeller

140 E 7th Street 4N

New York, NY 10009

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