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The Iron Triangle

Kevin Downs | United States

One of the workers keeping his hands warm in the Iron Triangle. Queens, New York.

In Corona, Queens, the area right outside of the new Shea Stadium, Citifield, is known as the Iron Triangle. Some call it a junkyard. It can be dangerous to make a living in these chop shops. Young men and women are working in order to send their kids to school. Some of them are, I would even call them, artists. They make something out of nothing and make it run. It is a place that has been there for many generations of immigrant workers to be able to make a living. Some are sending their money back home but some are trying to create a life for their family in the US. But now, the city is taking the land to build hotels and condominiums. Hundreds of small businesses and 5,000 workers are being forced out of their livelihoods in this part of Queens. 


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