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Passed away

Jan Janssen | Montana, Bulgaria

Family farming

No bond is stronger than the bond between a mother and her child.

And when that child is sick or disabled, the bond might even be stronger.

it is an never-ending, unconditional love that parents have for their children.

And even though they have died, that unconditional love never will..

"As a true sentimentalist, I express my feelings trough my images. I always get inspired by authentic cultures and the pure beauty of our Earth.

As an artist I search for that one, perfect moment, where everything comes together. Those moments tell my story.

I developed my own strong, personal style over the years. My images show strength and passion, with remaining space for the viewers own story."

Johannes Petrus Janssen

Pastoor Debijestraat 18 b

5963 AG Hegelsom    (Horst)

Limburg Netherlands

Mobielnumber:  0031 621570811

Emailadress:  djeedjee.jan@gmail.com

Date of birth:  09-03-1963



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