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A Snapshot: Obo, Central African Republic

Bridgette Bugay | Central African Republic


Obo is a small community in the southeast corner of the Central African Republic, just across the border from DR Congo and South Sudan. When in 2006, an armed Ugandan rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), was pushed across the border into neighboring central African countries, Obo became one of the most dramatically impacted communities.

Remote and relatively neglected, Obo benefited from being situated between larger trading cities. However, since 2008 when the foreign rebel group began looting goods, abducting civilians, and perpetrating unfathomable violence, way of life in the small community was gravely disrupted. Because insecurity in the area made travel on surrounding roads precarious, flow of goods to and from the community slowed - affecting access and economics. Simultaneously, displaced persons from other communities escaping LRA violence settled in Obo increasing the population in a community with few resources and limited land that is both arable and secure.

However, despite the extraordinary circumstances the diverse and strained population of Obo co-exists with calm resilience. This is just a snapshot of the small, complex community.


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