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"FEELING" The Delta

Michele Zousmer | Mississippi and Lousiana, United States

Clarksdale - empty stores and empty streets. Food bank right around the corner.

The Mississippi Delta sets the tone for all things southern - good and bad. The hospitality is warm and engaging, the food is delicious and filling , the "Blues' are smooth and intoxicating.   The Civil War and the civil rights struggles have left deep wounds.  Unemployment is very high due to machines replacing human labor in the fields and foreign competition has driven out local industry.  Underfunded education, hunger, poor health care, and segregation all add up to poverty and despair.  Living in the Delta is very hard. This was disturbing to witness.  I can't believe people are living like this in the USA!

My story is about the people in the Delta  who are  over looked by mainstream society.  I need to give them a voice. The people  I met in this area are tough, resilient, open to those who care to listen and they deserve to be heard.  I have traveled to many third world countries and have met people who live on very little daily but I was not prepared to see how people are living in this part of the USA in 2016!  I expected to see poverty but  not despair. . Their voices need to be heard!

please visit my website   www:michelezousmer.com




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