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judi Iranyi | Hungary

Getting around in horse drawn carriage

While visiting Kiskoros, Hungary  I met people from a small Roma community living there. The living conditions were dismal and showed clearly how marginalized their lives were. I wanted to document their lives. I admire the strength of will of the Roma people to survive despite all the discrimination they have experienced since they left India, hundreds of years ago.There are about 10 million Roma people living in Europe in many countries with the largest communities in Rumania and Spain. While discrimination against Roma is widespread throughout Europe, In Hungary it has worsened. Both people and government have become hostile and violent to the Roma’s and other minorities.Violence in Hungary included the murder of 2 men and 2 children, where the government ignored the crime and blamed the Roma “customs” for it. To really address the Roma situation would require an extensive article and research. When I photographed this extended Roma family, I wanted to show the dignity and substance in their daily lives. I wanted to celebrate their courage, trust and kindness towards me when they allowed me to photograph them.<>

I photograph frequently to remember family, friens and stranger that I meet in my travels. I seek simplicity, directness and purity in my photographs by attempting to capture the dignity and substance of ordinary people in their natural environment. Photography is an act of distilling reality into my personal vision. A photograph is a way of communicating information about people, places and cultures. I hope my images resonate with viewers

Judi Iranyi

854 35th avenue San francisco CA 94121

415 221 0416

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