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Black Boy Joy

Teanna Woods Okojie | United States

Organization: T.Woods Photography LLC


joy noun ˈjȯi ; state of happiness, complete bliss.


On the beach in Brooklyn.

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Black Boy Joy is a series of multiple images spanning from 2013 to present 2021. It depicts young African youth and young men in various environments experiencing pure joy.


Sunny San Diego California native, Teanna "T." Woods Okojie, has created a special and unique way of integrating her love for children & families through photography. With a heart for social change and passion for ethical representation in Documentary and Humanitarian Photography. Teanna's visual focus remains within; Non-Profit storytelling, Cultural preservation, Cultural diversity, and accurate representation of Marginalized populations.

Beginning her early stages in photography in high school, as a sophomore. Teanna later attended Brooks Institute receiving her Bachelor's degree in Still Professional Photography & Commercial Advertising. She is traditionally trained in film photography and development, darkroom printing and digital photography. She received early recognition for her work entering local state and county fairs, placing first and second amongst her peers.

After graduating Brooks Institute, Teanna pursued a career in Editorial children's and teens fashion. Which later evolved into documentary/humanitarian photography still focused on children and families. She also began teaching photography to adults and children in the United States and overseas. Her work has been exhibited throughout Los Angeles, Brooklyn, New York City, South Africa & West Africa.

Teanna is currently working domestically & internationally. Her current project locations include extensive work throughout the continent of Africa, continued photographic series in Lagos, Nigeria.

T.Woods Photography LLC

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