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The Dirtiest Road In Texas

Matt Pierce | Texas, United States

Reeves County, Texas sits on the border of the American states of Texas and New Mexico. It sits on the Texas side and only has a full-time population of 14,780 residents. Reeves County is a fairly large county--it covers over 2,600 square miles of the west Texas desert. It is home to thousands of transient oil and natural gas field workers. It is also home to hidden crime, poverty, countless examples of corporate irresponsibility, and it is where the process of delivering natural gas and oil begins. (Photo Credit: Matt Pierce/Route Three Productions)

Reeves County, Texas is a dirty place. Travel between the southeastern border of New Mexico and Texas and it won't take you long to discover that oil and gas are king in the Lone Star State and that oil companies and their workers are acting irresponsible. Garbage and blown out tires litter the roadway. Empty chemical containers lay tossed onto the side of the road. Commercial vehicles and oil field workers drive wrecklessly up and down highway putting lives at risk each and everyday. Everywhere you look there are natural gas flares burning off excess natural gas and the area smells equally as bad as it looks. This is the impact of the Texas oil and Gas industry on the environment and it isn't pretty. 

Kelly Pierce, Co-creator 

Matt Pierce


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