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Magyars people portrait

Manuel Meszarovits | Hungary

László from Bakonyszentlászló

Hungary is one of the poorest countries in Europe with a difficult economic situation. It's a country where material poverty is the greatest, along with Romania and Bulgaria. With a minimum wage of around 250 euros per month, it is difficult to have a comfortable and independent life. Many adult children still live with their parents. In the countryside it is even more obvious.

In Hungary, I passionately in love with a small village near the forest of Bakony, called Bakonyszentlászló, especially with regard to its own inhabitants, who are exceptional people, warm and respectful, who are living simply with their small means and an innate sense of dignity, simplicity, solidarity, generosity, sense of sharing, mutual aid, loyalty, and honesty. Their social conduct is always an honest way of acting in common, for the good of the community. I love these Magyars (Hungarians) passionately by this virtue which touches them and which is their only richness. Here you are some portraits of these people I love.

© Manuel Meszarovits

Social Documentary Photographer

More at https://www.manuelmeszarovits.com/Magyars-people-portraits-from-Bakonyszentlaszlo


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