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Instable Balance

Kamel Moussa | Tunisia


Tunisian revolution left a void that young Tunisians have had to live with since then. Emancipated and bewildered, in a country that is torn between progressive laypersons and religious conservators, their identity is shaken up.

Having entered in spite of themselves a chapter of their history that extends beyond their own comprehension, they end up being shunted between the world of uncertainty and the one of guileand schemes.


In an attempt to understand these young persons as well as the one I was a few years ago I try to question what looks familiar to me with a new perspective, in the hope to capture bits of reality that had eluded me. I feel alienated by this new society and at once so intimately close to it. Like them I bitterly renounced the hopes that I had nurtured at the time of the revolution. I don’t really know if the process I’m engaged in consists in rediscovering a family, Tunisia or a lost heritage. But what I know is that for me these portraits evoke the vulnerability tunisian young people.

Belgian-Tunisian photographer, resident in Brussels. My photographic projects are marked by a documentary style. The favorite themes of my work are exploring notions of identity andthe fragility, the ambiguity that characterize youth. I try to photograph people in their environment as they arise.

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