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Save the women, save the world.

Giacomo d'Orlando | Nepal

The most of the GBV survivors finds difficult to socialize with other people due to the low level of confidence that have developed towards the people.

The Gender Based Violence is one of the plague that afflict Nepali society. This social issue is the major reason that leads to suicide, the principal cause of death among Nepali women in reproductive age. The gender inequality is at the root of social, economic and legal problematic. Nepal is emerging from a politically and socially fragile post-conflict situation which has generated poverty and inequality deeply entrenched as form of social exclusion. During the past years, Nepal Demographic and Healt Survey has revealed that one in five women of reproductive age has reported once in their lifetime an experience of physical violence and more than one in ten experienced sexual violence. However, a majority (75%) did not seek any help and only 7% of women who had experienced sexual violence had reported the assault. The principal reason why GBV is so common among Nepali women is due to the deep rooted conviction in the society that man is more important than woman. I deeply believe that an equal world where women and men are on the same level will guarantee a better future for humanity.

Giacomo d’Orlando is an Italian documentary photographer currently based in New Zealand.
He begun his career of professional photographer in 2011, when he was 21, working for a photographic studio in his born city, Verona.
After more than 3 years spent in the advertising photography industry, he decided to follow his true passion, the documentary photography. For this purpose, in 2015 he decided to move to Nepal where he begun his first long-term project about the Gender Based Violence. Since that time he specialize himself documenting social issues and environmental problems while occasionally is working for travel magazines.
In the last years he has been living in Nepal, Peru, Austrlia and now is currently living in New Zealand, where is carrying on a long term project about the Refugees of the Climate Change.
His purpose is report the social and environmental issues that our world is going through nowadays, giving to the people who don’t have the chance to travel the chnce to raise their awareness about these important topics. The reportages of Giacomo d’Orlando has been published worldwide in many recognized magazine such as VSD, DLUI ”La Repubblica”, Vice, DestinAsian, Washington Post among the others, and awarded by some prestigious photo competitions such as PX3 (State of the World 2019), International Photography Awards (2018 ,2019), MIFA (2017, 2019), TIFA (2018) and Chromatic Photography Award (2017).

E-mail _: giacomodorlando@gmail.com

Instagram: @giacomo_dorlando

IT phone N : +393408499329

NZ phone N : +640272786212

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