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In the kitchen

Carla Vermeend | Netherlands

In Jeong -South Korea

In Woerden (The Netherlands), my habitat, we live together with 120 different nationalities. My challenge is to photographe them all ' In the kitchen' with their favorite tradional dish.

Why? Because eating connect everyone. All the barriers dissappear.

I hope that through a view in the kitchen more understanding develops for other cultures

I am a Dutch photographer and nationally well known for my pictures in which I captures isolated fragments of life, with a sense of tenderness.For years I spent every minute of my spare time photographing. I was educated at the School for Graphic Design and Fotoschool Statief. I attended workshops with well known photographers, I participated at a masterclass of BredaPhoto. I also gives workshops, lectures and organize exhibitions.

This all gives me the opportunity to develop my own style. I prefere to photograph intuitive, and I am guided by my innerself. Things happen when I am behind the camera.

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