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NYC Juneteenth March 2020

Burroughs Lamar | New York, United States


I went to the first Annual Juneteenth March in New York City held in the vicinity of City Hall with the expectation to cover a rally in celebration of what the 19th of June sought to celebrate for African Americans in the United States. The march was comprised of the Malcom X and the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter and several other progressive organizations. They were in tight formation, and chanting: “Who’s Streets, Our streets! “No Justice, No Peace!” some anti police statements, and a call to free and a long imprisoned Black Panther, and “Black Lives Matter! The police did not escort the group nor followed behind, a direct indication that the Mayor instructed them not to interfere to avoid another fracas and mass arrests.

Burroughs Lamar is a self-taught documentary photographer.His serious photography began in 2008, through his ongoing project documenting African American life in his native born Harlem community in the context of gentrification.His interest in the human condition arises from his career in behavioral health, specifically forensic psychiatry, working with his clients, Psychiatrists, Therapists and Social Workers in the treatment of major psychiatric disorders.

With an acute understanding of mental disorders, most occur genetically, other factors include substance use, but most relevant to his photography, through life stressors.Community activism, social protests provide people with a valve to release tension and gain a sense of empowerment against forces of oppression.



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