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Calons - Nomad Nation

Ari Baiense | PR, Brazil

Calon camp in Rolândia, south of Brasil.

A landless nation, citizens without rights, defying prejudice and seeking respect and dignity, in the struggle against the historical harassment suffered since its origins.

A millenary ethnicity that has as one of the most accepted theories of its origin the emergence on Hindu soil, between India and Pakistan, from where it began the migration to diverse regions of other continents, roma people has like main recognized ethnic groups the Rom, the Sinti and the Calon , the latter being the most numerous in Brazil. According to the UN, currently only 3% of Roma around the world is nomadic, although this is one of the main characteristics of those living in the country.

Who are the gypsies? In partnership with the anthropologist and researcher Igor Shimura and ASAIC, the Social Association of Integral Support for Gypsies in Brazil, seeking to shed a little light and increase knowledge about such a rich and mysterious culture, this work also aims to combat stigmatizing stereotypes that unfortunately are still widespread in Brazil and around the world, in addition to collaborating with the scant records of the history of this people.

ASAIC (Associação Social de Apoio Integral aos Ciganos) - Social Association of Integral Support for Gypsies.

Website: www.aribaiense.com

Email: aribaiense@aribaiense.com

Phone: +55 41 988270607

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