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Tripoli Bazar

Andrea Ferro | Lebanon

Organization: Redux Pictures

Image made unrecognizable by the passage of time placed on a building near the famous AlBourtasi Mosque

The use of images in Islam is strictly connected to the issue of idolatry. If the Koran condemns the worship of idols, it does not forbid the representations of living beings, which are excluded only from places of prayer. Such representations are considered almost a creationist act, which is a divine prerogative. In the mechanical process, however, there is no creative will, therefore there is no imitatio Dei. Despite this, in many Arab countries the use of images for political-religious purposes shows statesmen and other personalities almost as "gods" to worship. Tripoli, the second largest city in Lebanon by population and size, is considered by the UN as the poorest city on the Mediterranean coast. The riots that broke out across the country on October 17th 2019 have paralyzed the national economy exacerbating its socio-economic crisis. This project connects the devotional aspect of political and popular iconography with its spatial and urban pervasiveness.

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