"I know a lot of black people who don't like white and black couples, and I know a lot of white people that don't like black and white couples. They think bi-racial kids are wrong, but I don't see the difference. People who are racist learn from when they're young because their parents teach them that there is a difference between black and white and then they just make stereotypes. My daughter doesn't have no problem with that 'cause she's not raised that way. When she was four she asked me if she was brown or white. She came to me herself because she was wondering. I told her she was both. When she gets older she'll understand."

Joanna Lipper

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Joanna Lipper is an author, filmmaker and photographer. She runs Sea Wall Entertainment, a company dedicated to the research, development and production of books, films and multimedia photojournalism. Ms. Lipper's debut feature film Little Fugitive was released by Cinema Libre Studio in September 2008. Lipper's first documentary, Inside Out: Portraits of Children premiered on the Sundance Channel and received the Hollywood Discovery Award. Her second documentary, Growing Up Fast, was distinguished by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as one of the outstanding short documentaries of 1999. The film focused on teen mothers and was the inspiration for her acclaimed book, Growing Up Fast.

From September 2008-June 2010, Ms. Lipper is in residence at Harvard University where she is a Sheila Biddle Ford Foundation Fellow at the W.E.B Du Bois Institute for African and African American Studies. She recently travelled to Zanzibar where she completed three multimedia slideshows. Ms. Lipper's public appearances include lectures on a range of issues relating to psychology, sociology and film.

For more information and to view trailers and film clips from Joanna Lipper’s films, please visit: www.joannalipper.com

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