Albert is a Bware clinic based technician. This is his office where he reveals results to patients who have come to see if they have malaria, typhoid, HIV and many other diseases.

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LeLinda Bourgeois is a world travel, social documentary, nature, and portrait photographer, videographer, and editor who moved to Anchorage, Alaska in June of 1992. She spent the much of her time in the wilderness of Alaska doing things she loves the most such as hiking, backpacking, kayaking, rock and ice climbing, biking, snowshoeing, and traveling to remote villages around Alaska and the Lower 48. She accomplished all of this with camera and video cameras in hand planning to capture it all and share other peoples lives with the world in order to gain an appreciation and acceptance of others, and to promote and foster love and friendship between cultures.

In Alaska, LeLinda worked in mental health for 15 years and she feels that her great ability to positively connect with cultures, customs, and people are a direct result of years of working in various lifestyles and with various groups of people, that, have not only enriched the people's lives that she worked for, but in turn, she has been enriched by them. LeLinda is a real go getter when invited into other cultures. She takes great care and attention in connecting and fostering positive and healthy relationships with those she works and interacts with. She desires to learn about all of the cultures of the world, be part of their lifestyle, and then share that lifestyle, through photography and video production, with the rest of the world. LeLinda truly believes that the best gift you can give to someone anywhere, is the gift of your time, care and attention to what is important to them. By listening and learning we are able to not only help, but be helped as well.

After 16 absolutely amazing years in Alaska, LeLinda decided to move Outside to be closer to her family. As odd as it seems, Portland, Oregon is about halfway between Anchorage, Alaska and the Mississippi Gulf Coast where LeLinda was born and raised. She felt that if she moved halfway, she could get to either place fairly easy. After all, it usually took at least 17 hours to get to the Gulf Coast from Alaska, so being in Portland, Oregon would only take 6 hours.

LeLinda headed out to Portland called the Pacific Northwest home for about 1 1/2 years until she felt the pull to be home on the Gulf Coast with family intensify. Again she packed up and headed out, and LeLinda is now back in the town she was born and raised in; Biloxi. The calls to be in both places previously lived, (Anchorage, Alaska and Portland, Oregon) continue to pull at her heart strings... one day she will return for visits to both places as it is impossible to ignore those urges that pull us to be and experience life.

LeLinda has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Southwestern Kenya, Alaska, Mexico, the Pacific Northwest, and Southwestern United States; and has also been to Hawaii 12 times. She tends to be drawn to places full of culture and she especially loves areas that have the tropical feel, as well as water, and mountains. Her work in photography and video has taken her all over the world and while in Africa she was also able to use her master's degree in clinical psychology to see patients at the local hospital, where they gave her her own office. She also assisted in numerous surgeries and in delivering 3 babies.

LeLinda is a strong believer in volunteering in many areas of her life, and will occasionally volunteer to film and/or photograph non-profit organizations. She is available for assignment photography, videography, and editing work of any length of time, and anywhere in the world.