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The Black Thursday

Sandipan Mukherjee | India


More than a year rolls on. The day was 31st March, 2016.  The time was mid of hot scorching period.

A Flyover (connecting Vivekananda Road) became curse of the daily life of Kolkata. The fault of structural design , choice of material & a stupid engineering has wiped out the huge numbers of innocent life & injured more than hundred. The rescue forces rushed into  & 1.5 months operation was rolling with dead bodies, injured figures & tears of victim family members.

The most circustic to hear that the incident had been diluted with the phrase "It was just a collapse of Flyover, Its act of God”.  Over the decades the same blunder is cycling & finally innocent used to pay off with their valued life.

The accident has answer with rescue but there is no solution of the ruined countless life & damaged family’s moreover there will not be any solution or justice for the brutal criminals.

Who knows when this answer will come out??????

Praying to god for their soul  may rest in peace.

Hello friends Its Sandipan Mukherjee. Well by profession I am a Mechanical Engineer& by passion a Amateur Photographer, as arts & creativity is always much prior for me and I have chosen Photography as a better option to flash my excellence on the same and furnishing my dream to place myself as a future professional photographer.

I feel a great touch for work surroundswithStreet Life, People, Culture Environment & Ritual etc.Whenever & wherever is it I breath an endearing flavor to discover the activity ,Sacrifice & Survivalof the human beings throughout their Life.I am a very emotional fellow on that scenario I really used to geta touch over the variac emotionsof the Sociology allied to the Human life.

You may watch out some of my works at the Link mentioned below.



Email id: sandipan.photonalist@yahoo.com


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